Cakalang has 6 rooms available. Two cottages are situated on the beach, in an angle they are facing the mangroves. Both rooms have a king size double bed. A Third cottage next to the other two has two separate bedrooms and a small living room. One Bedroom has a king sized double bed, the other has twin beds.

Three other rooms are in the main building a traditional Minahassa style but modern building. All rooms are on the first floor above the office. Every room is made from quality woods and have tiled floors. Two of them have king size double beds. One room has twin beds. Every room is equipped with a fan. There are no air conditioners.

Views over the garden at the beach cottages.

All of them are facing the beach as well as the garden. Distance to the restaurant is about 30 mtr.

There are no problems with mosquito's, still every room is equipped with a electric anti Mosquito device.

View at the cottages at night in the garden half way from the restaurant.

Free wifi

All over the premises there is free internet access.

Room rates:

Room rates for the two person bungalows are Rp. a night for two persons.

Single occupancy is Rp.

Room rates for the family bungalows are Rp. a night for four persons.

Triple occupancy is Rp.

In July and August the room rate goes up.

Conversion rates are the same as our money changer in Manado.

No additional charges all taxes included.

Rooms are including three meals a day. Coffee, tea and drinking water is free and available 24 hours a day.


  • We accept cash Rupiah or euro. Other currencies please contact us first.
  • All mayor Credit cards are accepted. Be aware of a 3% additional fee for the CC company.
  • Bank transfers are accepted but have to be made in advance.

Stay in style

King size double design bed. Good sleeping comfort. A fan to keep the room cool on a hot summer day.

Cool place

The corridor on the first floor from the main building offers a beautiful view to the mangroves. They hide the see, while the other side faces the jungle. A breeze keeps this place cool even on a very hot day.

Clean and comfort

The bathrooms have western toilets and 24 hour fresh (not salty) running water.

Rooms are cleaned every day. A safety deposit is available in the office.

Budget travellers

If you are travelling on a tight budget, you will find that Bunaken is a lot more expensive then other parts from Indonesia. To be able to spend time on our beautiful island, but still save on housing, we can arrange a sleeping place for you in the village or in a small localy owned homestay.

There are a couple of families that provide a room or rooms for budget travellers. They will also take care for your meals.

These places do not have their own web-sites. But we do offer you the possibility to book those rooms through us. However we do this for free, please do not make us busy with heavy email traffic.

Information about the rooms you will find on this page. You can book them here, or directly by the phone numbers mentioned. We will not respond to personal questions. Please first read the information provided on this page.

Room at the center of the village

A room in a homestay approximatly 20 minutes walking from the village.

A room in the village in a small friendly homestay.

A basic two person room in the center of the village close to the church.