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Cakalang resort


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Pangalisan beach Bunaken

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P.O. Box 1502 Manado 95000




Our place is located on the east side of Bunaken island. Directly on Pangalisan beach.

Distance to Manado is 15 km. By boat this takes 30 to 45 minutes.

Manado has an airport with destinations all over Indonesia. Direct international flights from Singapore (Silk Air) are also accepted. From Manado to the airport takes about 30 minutes by car.

How to get to us:

When you arrive in Manado, you need to go to the place called "Calaca". When you walk to the river you find the place where the public boats are leaving. They leave every day between two and four in the afternoon. The actual time depends on the tides. A trip to the island by public boat costs Rp. 50.000 per person.

Soon as you arrive in Bunaken you walk to the church and then keep walking North. After about 1 km you will find us at the right side of the road. There is a sign "Cakalang" there follow the jungle path, after about 30 meters you arrived.

An alternative is to take a charter boat from the harbour. This should be possible for about Rp. 300.000. Be careful here, these people do not always take you to the resort where you want to go. They try to get you in to some of the resorts that pay "commissions" to these so called "guides". An advantage is that you can go or leave at any time when there is daylight.

Better is to let us know you are coming, we can arrange all transport for you.

How to get away:

By public transport; The public boats leave from Bunaken to Manado every day except Sunday between 08:00 and 09:00 in the morning. See picture.

As an alternative it is possible to charter a boat. prices are around Rp. 300.000 for the boat. Also here if you want we arrange your transport to Manado.

In Manado it is easy to continue with a taxi or other public transport depending on your destination.