Bunaken eiland is een typische bestemming voor snorkelaars en duikers. Dit zijn ook de belangrijkste activiteiten op het eiland. Wij hebben ons eigen duikcentrum en duikschool "Bunaken Dive Experience". Bij hun kun je je duiken plannen, of zelfs een complete duikcursus volgen. Onze Padi en Naui instructeur kan het je leren.

Naast het duiken en het snorkelen kunnen we je ook een jungle tocht of een dolfijnen toer aanbieden.

Andere mogelijkheden zijn wandelen of vissen.

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In het water

Op het water

Op het land

Festivals and events on the island

The island is mainly known for its fantastic diving, hosting hundreds of different species of coral and aquatic life. Snorkeling is also an extremely popular past time. But this is not all: Bunaken has even more to offer.

Aside from diving and snorkeling it is possible to partake in a dolphin-watching tour or to view the secret world of the astounding reef through a glass-bottomed boat.

Additionally, Bunaken celebrates several festivals that make for enchanting viewing (more about these activities later). There is also a vibrant social life on the island catch the local bamboo band playing on a Thursday night, where twenty locals play their assortment of home-made instruments. Visitors are more than welcome to attend.

The villages

Bunaken has three villages, the main one is called Bunaken after the island. This village has both a Muslim and a Christian community. There are two churches and a mosque.

During Easter the Christian part is quite busy. For two weeks there are many activities, a lot of small games for the Bunaken society. At the end of Easter there is a kind of a Carnival to close these festivities. It is called "Figuran"

Every year in the second week of September there is thanksgiving. If the weather is ok, many people from outside Bunaken will come too because every house has open house that day. The party is in the village, everybody brings food which they will eat together. Usually after eating there will be a culture dance session, this dance is called “Cakalele”. Cakalele is traditional culture in where people play traditional music and dance together. The dance is a story about a patriot. The locals are so involved, it look like they relay fight with their dance.

Around New Year everywhere is a party, but different in Manado then Bunaken. One week before and after New Year you can see fireworks. The first of January will be open house again. Every house has prepared a lot of food and drinks for the visitors. This goes on for one week.

Around Manado

In and around Manado there are some things to visit:

Tangkoko National Park

About one and a half hour outside of Manado you can find this park where it is possible to see the famous Tarsius. One of the smallest monkey's in the world.

We work very closely with several local tour operators. We can arrange and book tickets or a tour for you.